(the name of the show should contain only letters and numbers)

Framatalk allows you to chat with your friends without complex software installation or registration.
You simply discuss, without any analysis of data related to conversations.
Everything happens between you and your friends, directly from your web browser.

Tip : if your conversation is slowed down, it’s probably a bandwidth problem (internet speed too low).

Disable video (button video ) to solve the problem ;)

Getting Started

  1. Create a show
  2. Allow your browser to use your microphone and webcam
  3. Invite your collaborators to join you by sending them by e-mail the address of the show (click on the button in the bottom bar to get it)

In the options, you can protect your room with a password, chat, manage your contacts, enable/disable sound and video…


Framatalk is based on free software Jitsi Meet.

This is one instance among others, Jitsi Meet developers also offer their own.

Jitsi Meet is under Apache 2.0.

Cultivate your garden

To participate in the development of the software, propose improvements or simply download it, go to the development site.

If you want to install this software for your own use and thus gain in autonomy, we help you on :